Getgetget in line and settle down.

I am so stoked for September 25! No Doubt will be releasing Push And Shove, their first new LP in 11 years. I keep thinking to myself, has it really been that long? What’s even scarier is thinking about how long it’s been since Tragic Kingdom, one of my favorite albums of all time. If you haven’t heard their new single, “Settle Down,” or better yet, seen the video, you are in for a treat. I think they did an excellent job of holding onto themselves. I can definitely hear a bit of  Gwen’s solo act in there, but I love that they held onto who they were.

The video put a big smile on my face. Gwen looks exactly the same as she did in 1996. I was laughing to myself thinking about how I admired her amazing physique back then, and still do to this day. I also love the little “reunion” between Gwen, Tony Kanal, Adrian Young, and Tom Dumont, as well as Stephen Bradley and Gabrial McNair. (Almost) everyone is bleach-blonde, and Adrian is wearing clothes! And while Tony is in the cab of his truck, he pulls down an orange or fruit of some kind, paying homage to “Don’t Speak.”

Gwen Stefani is probably the only person who can make a tank top and skintight pants look so good in 2012. And she does it at the age of 42 and after the birth of two kids. It literally seems like she went from the set of “Just A Girl” to “Settle Down,” no lapse in time–I’m not kidding. The Cali mall-ska wardrobe with zipper-pants, bleach-blond Mohawks, bright red lips (yes, Gwen rocked those in ’96!), Adrian’s Rastafarian kit, the big band, the reggae…just makes me wanna hop in my bug and drive to the beach…I would still break out Tragic Kingdom in college when I drove to Atlantic Beach, 9 years after the fact…it’s just that good.

Oh yeah, and Gwen did sneak in a few Harajuku Girls in case you were wondering.

Here, see for yourself…and sound off.


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