Thrifty Thursday ~ Friday Edition: Kate (from The Small Things Blog) and her boots!

Have you met Kate? I’m sure you have. She’s a hairstylist, crafter, blogger, makeup artist, stylist, cat enthusiast, sister, philosopher, and wife all rolled into one. Oh, and I’ll add friend to this list. I am proud to say that I was Kate’s first friend when she moved to NC. And I am singlehandedly responsible for introducing her to her husband, Justin. Okay, that’s not quite the story, but I like to pretend it is. šŸ™‚ Anyway, Kate is the girl behind The Small Things Blog, and has blown up Pinterest with her adorable, easy DIY hair tutorials. She’s also a sweet friend who inspires me with her love for Christ…not to mention a pale blonde who rocks a bold lip. šŸ˜‰ When I get together with Kate and her just-as-cute-and-blonde sister, LaurenĀ (From My Grey Desk), and Lauren’s just-as-cute-and-brunette friend (and my new friend) Sam, expect nothing short of chaos. Exhibits A, B, C, D, and E:

Anyway, I was inspired by Kate’s #H54F post to include an addendum to yesterday’s Thrifty Thursday post,Ā You want Fryes with that?Ā So this is Thrifty Thursday ~ Friday Edition, just for Kate!

Kate mentioned that she fell hard for these Emmy Wedge Boots from Ann Taylor Loft. The only problem? They are $178, which is more than Kate wants to spend. Never fear. Dorothy and Thrifty Thursday are here. Since yesterday’sĀ post was about alternatives to the Frye boot, I made it my mission to also find alternatives to the Emmy Wedge Boot from LOFT. The boot that Kate covets are leather knee-high with a wedge heel. They are detailed with a unique suede side stripe that provides interest and helps lengthen the leg. The wedge is a 3″ stacked wooden heel. The basicĀ silhouetteĀ of the slim profile wedge boot is very popular and many online shoe retailers have the option of searching for the specific heel, height, color, and material.

Here are 15 thrifty alternatives I found:

Center large photo: Emmy Wedge BootsĀ from LOFT ($178); clockwise starting from top-left corner: Fitzwell Lyra Low Wedge Boot ($99), Gabriella Rocha Wrenna Wide Calf Boot ($99), Gabrielle Rocha Zalyia ($89),Ā Fitwell Rylee 2 Wedge BootĀ ($41.70),Ā Women’s Mossimo BlackĀ® Kali Wedge Boot ($34.99),Ā A2 By Aerosoles Wool Gather Women Boot ($49.99)Ā Women’s Mossimo Supply Co. Kieran Tall Boot ($34.99), Nine West AmelieĀ in Dark Brown Suede ($86.99), Charles by Charles David Aventi ($79.95,), Mix No. 6 Treasure Wedge BootĀ ($59.95), Nicole Harbor Wedge BootĀ ($109.95), Nine West Amelie Ā in Dark Brown LeatherĀ ($104.99),Ā Women’s MeronaĀ® Keon Wedge Boot ($34.99-$44.99), Kelsi Dagger Kirsti ($118.08), Report Waldron ($57.38).

Okay Kate, let me know what you think! šŸ™‚


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