beat·nik  (bēt-nik)
1. a follower of the 1950s Beat Generation whose behavior, views, and often style of dress, were pointedly unconventional.
2. the original hipster.
3. music. fashion. life.

About Beatnik
Beatnik is a concept I came up with my senior year of college in December 2007. Frequenting the shows of my favorite bands, I found myself being unimpressed with the inventory I’d see at merch. tables. I’d come up with all these concepts and ideas that I wanted to see come to life. I made a few shirts, which I gave to friends, including those in one of my favorite bands. When I saw my friend Vince photographed wearing one of my shirts on MTV.com, it got me thinking about all the different styles of rock stars and the influences of their music and style on fans, fashion, and the rest of society.

Beatnik is what I came up with. It’s not just a label I design under, but it’s a way for me to marry two of my favorite things together: music and fashion. I’ve always been captivated with how my favorite bands, musicians, and celebrities dress, and have found the evolution of punk fashion to haute couture to be particularly fascinating. Beatnik is a way for me to explore it all, to be creative, and to share what’s going on inside the dressing rooms and closets of my favorite people.


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